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ClearVu Analytics offers you invaluable support for optimizing your products and processes. Beyond automotive industry, consumer goods, and chemical industry many other areas benefit from it, such as

  • pharmaceutical industry, e.g. in QSAR, QbD, scale-up and process optimization
  • coatings, colors, and finishers, specifically in formulation and process optimization
  • glues, especially concerning formulation and process optimization
  • crude oil processing industry, for example in formulation and process optimization
  • synthetic materials and plastics industry, specifically in process optimization

Another group of applications focuses on predicting price developments and optimizing the corresponding asset management task, e.g.

  • residual value analysis and prediction in the automotive industry (VIN level, i.e., residual value forecasting based on single car properties such as equipment features)
  • residual value forecasting of aircraft

As you are aware of, optimal contract management is often the driving force in these latter applications, such as in the lease business. Other aspects such as optimal fleet composition and demand forecasting and planning are also of paramount importance.


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