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ClearVu Analytics: Software for process optimization

Optimize formulations, products, and processes

Industries such as cosmetics, oral care, detergents, food and beverage and corresponding suppliers (e.g., flavors and fragrances), experimental formulation optimization as well as process optimization tasks are an integral part of the daily business.

ClearVu Analytics allows you to analyze formulations, identify relationships, save experiments, optimizer your products and develop new products systematically. ClearVu Analytics is being used very successfully in areas such as 

  • stability prediction and optimization in cosmetics
  • optimization and prediction of SPF
  • prediction of microbiological performance of formulations
  • prediction and optimization of rheology
  • prediction and optimization of performance for applicators in combination with formulation
  • modeling and prediction of sensory properties depending on the physicochemical properties of formulation components
  • modeling and prediction of consumer liking depending on sensory properties of formulations
  • analysis and optimization of production processes

  • Case Study 1: Beiersdorf AG [ View PDF file ]
  • Case Study 2: Johnson & Johnson GmbH [ View PDF file ]

Among others, the prediction of consumer liking and market acceptance for new products is a powerful application of ClearVu Analytics.

Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany is using this technology since 2003 for product development. In addition, German as well as US-based cosmetics and consumer goods companies are among our clients, as well as suppliers and food and beverage companies.


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