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ClearVu Analytics for Chemical process optimization

Analyze process data and optimize processes

Beyond formulation applications, ClearVu Analytics is perfectly suited for analyzing and optimizing production processes in the chemical industry. These processes are typically continuously supervised and controlled to achieve constant quality and quantity of the product. Based on modern systems for data measurement, collection and aggregation, large amounts of data from various sensors are collected today. However, this data is typically not used to the full benefit achievable through data mining.

With ClearVu Analytics, you can generate models predicting process changes, such that early countermeasures to avoid process disruptions and quality variations become possible. This approach also works for a large number of measured parameters (e.g., pressures, temperatures, mass flows) and time lags of control measures. You gain numerous insights into the process, such as

  • identification of the key influencing process parameters
  • stabilization of product quality and quantity
  • prediction of the process state over the desired time frame

Such applications are not limited to chemical industry, but are generally applicable to production processes. Purposeful analysis of process parameters and the corresponding product quality helps you identifying the key drivers and tuning the process towards an optimal, robust and stable state.

Prediction of a chemical process
Prediction of a chemical process

The figure shows a prediction example for the yield of a chemical process, showing original values in red and model predictions in blue. Even such a complex, irregular process is well predicted – and optimized – by our approach.


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