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Based on real-world case studies of world-renowned companies, convince yourself of the versatile applicability of our optimization solutions.

Dr. Hauser, Johnson & Johnson GmbH

 „We are still implementing and evaluating our new model, but clearly we can now predict micro results for new formulations using known components at this time.  We will continue to expand our use of the model, but critical to this process is internal data collection.  But even this early in the project, we have a better picture of how our materials interact and the effects to the wipe.  And we have a set of working rules for our formulators.“ 
Matthias Hauser, PhD, Associate Director Scientific Relations, Johnson & Johnson GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Mr. Ganser, BMW

 "As the leading expert in the application of evolutionary strategies and meta-models to hard industrial optimization problems, Prof. Bäck has always delivered highest quality results for BMW. We truly appreciate our collaboration and warmly recommend a collaboration with Prof. Bäck to any industrial partner who is in the need of solving tough optimization, modeling, and prediction problems. "
Markus Ganser, Manager Standardisierung. Konstruktion, Innovation, BMW AG, München

Dr. Hillemann, Beiersdorf

"Our past experience limited our trials to include only familiar ingredients, and the lengthy process of attempting each combination had led us to declare the desired product infeasible after three months of research.  However, with ClearVu Analytics, we satisfied all the technical requirements faster than with traditional processes, and now have a new product we will bring to the market."
Thomas Hillemann, PhD, Head of Study Coordination, Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Sendhoff, Honda

"Besides researching and developing the most suitable individual software components, successful multi-disciplinary optimization in an industrial context requires a system level analysis of the problem including issues of workflow, interoperability and resource sharing. Professor Bäck is world-wide one of the leading researchers in computational intelligence and his contributions to the development of new algorithms and methods cannot be overestimated. However, from our perspective, it is his unique analytical ability to amalgamate systems engineering with computational intelligence which makes him such a valuable partner for our institute.."
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff, Chief Technology Officer, Honda Research Institute, Offenbach

Thomas Hochkirchen, PhD, Ford

"Guaranteeing highest quality standards of Ford vehicles requires a continuous evaluation of quality data from a variety of data sources. With divis GmbH, we have access to a competent partner in the areas of data warehousing, data analysis, and data mining. We would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Baeck and his team."
Thomas Hochkirchen, PhD Statistical Methods, Central Quality, Ford Werke GmbH, Cologne, Germany


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