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What are the key advantages of ClearVu Analytics?

ClearVu Analytics generates models automatically from data and provides you automatically the best resulting model. Using a comfortable graphical user interface, you can analyze models, use them for predictions and optimizations, and obtain insight into knowledge and relationships hidden in the data.

In short: Analysis of process and product data becomes much simpler, and you will quickly obtain important insights for improving products and processes.

What can I use ClearVu Analytics for?

The application range for ClearVu Analytics is very broad. It helps you wherever data is available and you aim at generating insights for improving products, processes, and decisions. At present, customers from automotive industry, chemical industry, flavor and fragrance industry, food and beverage industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry and detergent industry have impressively confirmed the power of the approach – and we keep on adding more.

Which configurations of ClearVu Analytics are available?

ClearVu Analytics is available in the Basic, Standard, and Professional version. Here you will find an overview of the corresponding features.

What are the system requirements for ClearVu Analytics?

ClearVu Analytics runs under Windows , Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32/64 bit). It requires only about 20 MB of hard disk space. For best use of ClearVu Analytics, we suggest to additional install the software R 2.8.1

How do I use ClearVu Global Optimizer?

ClearVu Global Optimizer is a separate optimization module for the OPTIMUS tool of our partner NOESIS Solutions. Within OPTIMUS, it is used for nonlinear global optimization of complex objective functions. In addition, we use it within customized solutions developed for your application tasks in production, logistics and other areas.


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