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Multiobjective Optimization Software

Fast and complete coverage of Pareto frontiers

Multiple objective optimization tasks are everywhere, ranging from cost and quality to technical criteria such as lift and drag of an airfoil or tumble and mass flow of a fuel injector.

Often, there is not “the” single optimal solution, but instead a multitude of possible compromises, for which one criterion can only be improved at the expense of another criterion. These compromise solutions are located on the so-called Pareto frontier, which can be identified by means of a suitable optimization algorithm. Using this approach, you can then select a suitable solution from the Pareto frontier.

ClearVu Global Optimizer includes a powerful extension for efficient multiple objective optimization, covering the frontier with as little function evaluations as possible while also providing a broad and complete coverage of the frontier. This guarantees all extreme solutions to be found as well.

As a result, this method can also be used for computationally expensive and high-dimensional objective functions.

Example of a Pareto frontier found by ClearVu Global Optimizer
Example of a Pareto frontier found by ClearVu Global Optimizer


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