ClearVu Global Optimizer

Software for non linear global optimization

Nonlinear global optimization for extreme requirements

Call of the ClearVu Global Optimizer within OPTIMUS
Call of the ClearVu Global Optimizer within OPTIMUS

ClearVu Global Optimizer is a powerful tool to solve your nonlinear global optimization tasks. It is particularly well suited for applications in multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) as well as for simulation based on high-dimensional objective functions.

Moreover, an application to mixed-integer objective functions is also possible due to its specialized and unique approach for handling these tasks.

In case of multiple objectives, you can efficiently generate an approximation of the Pareto front with ClearVu Global Optimizer.

Your key advantages when using the ClearVu Global Optimizer

  • applicable in case of high-dimensional problems
  • broad applicability to simulation based objective functions and MDO
  • fast convergence – obtain good solutions with only few function evaluations
  • applicable to mixed-integer problems
  • applicable for multiple objective decision making
  • easy to use; no expertise in optimization algorithms required

ClearVu Global Optimizer is available as a separate optimization module for the software OPTIMUS by our partner NOESIS Solutions as well as a component of customized solutions we provide to our clients


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