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Design of experiments software

Optimal planning of new experiments

Design of experiments provides you with a systematically planned set of experiments for real-world or simulated product or process designs. The generation of such a set of experiments takes the underlying aim of modeling into account. With ClearVu Analytics, you have access to all classical methods for design of experiments as well as to advanced specialized methods. Among others, the software offers:

  • fractional factorial design
  • Plackett-Burman design
  • D-optimal design
  • Latin Hypercubes design
  • space-filling designs
Selecting the design of experiments method
Selecting the design of experiments method
Example of an experimental plan
Example of an experimental plan

The space-filling method is specialized for the case of an already existing data set, which is to be extended by additional experiments with the goal of maximum information gain by these extra experiments. This allows you to build upon already existing experiments or measurements, and to use only few additional experiments for providing the best foundation for modeling and optimization.

You can export all experimental plans to Excel, and import them directly into ClearVu Analytics after execution of the corresponding experiments.


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