ClearVu Analytics Analysis and configuration

Data Analysis Software Tool

Visualize data and generate insights

This module of ClearVu Analytics supports you in explorative data analysis. You can easily visualize the data and perform some first analysis of the data. Among others, ClearVu Analytics provides you with the following features:

  • easy data import from common data formats (csv, Excel)
  • definition of variable ranges and constraints
  • scatterplots
  • boxplots for analyzing data distributions
  • outlier detection
  • calculation and visualization of correlations
  • suggestions for variable transformations to support modeling
  • comprehensive reporting functionality (export of graphics)
Visualization by means of scatterplots, boxplots and histograms
Visualization by means of scatterplots, boxplots and histograms
Visualization of parameter correlations
Visualization of parameter correlations

For a wide range of application, such as in formulation development, ClearVu Analytics provides you with additional features. Moreover, ClearVu Analytics easily handles mixed-integer as well as categorical data types and missing values.


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