ClearVu Analytics

Software for process optimization

Efficient data analysis, modeling and prediction

ClearVu Analytics (CVA) purposefully and effectively supports you in your process optimization task. Whether your data stems from production, laboratory, quality control or other areas, your application is always in the focus of data analysis and optimization.

Key advantages of ClearVu Analytics (CVA) for your application

  • brand-new approach for automatic model generation from data 
  • autonomous process for data analysis and modeling
  • optimal model, identified by means of a multitude of statistical methods
  • stable foundation for further optimization steps based on the derived model

The optimized model, generated by ClearVu Analytics, provides you with a firm basis for further steps of extended analysis. Among other possibilities, you will use the model for forecasting, identifying parameter sensitivities, analyzing robustness against parameter variations, and optimizing parameter settings.

As a user of ClearVu Analytics, deep statistical expertise is not required from you. Using ClearVu Analytics, you will discover relationships in data, draw important business conclusions, and discover important additional optimization potential in your processes.

ClearVu Analytics – versions and components

ClearVu Analytics is available in three versions: Basic, Standard, and Professional. The corresponding components and feature groups are summarized in the table below.

CVA features Description Basic Standard Professional
Explore and configure Exploratory data analysis and system configuration
Modeling Automatic generation of optimal data driven models
Design of Experiments Design of experiments module  
Optimize (Multiple criteria) optimization on models generated from data  
Interactive Interactive sensitivity analysis and prediction based on models  
Excel-Addin Design of experiments and modeling in Excel  
Command-Line Batch-capability    


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