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Software for data analysis and modeling

Using data analysis for optimization

In addition to client-specific individualized solutions we offer you also powerful standardized software products.

ClearVu Analytics is innovative software for statistical data analysis, modeling, and prediction, also easy to apply for non-statisticians: statistical models are automatically generated from data. The system analyzes data, discovers hidden relationships in data, and generates models from data.

Optimize your processes and products with ClearVu

Beyond the base module ClearVu Analytics for data analysis, modeling, and prediction we also offer extension modules for design of experiments, model-based optimization, sensitivity analysis, Excel-compatibility and a command line interface.

Automatic modeling in ClearVu Analytics also is fully compatible with OPTIMUS, the process integration and design optimization tool of our partner NOESIS Solutions. OPTIMUS users can now easily integrate and use the generation of optimal models by means of the extension module ClearVu Analytics for OPTIMUS.

Our ClearVu Global Optimizer for OPTIMUS offers efficient nonlinear global optimization based on self-adaptive evolutionary strategies. The method is particularly suitable for high-dimensional, nonlinear tasks with extensive computational demands concerning the simulation. Examples include e.g. MDO, crash, and NVH.


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