<h1>Pipeline operations is key</h1>Optimized batch scheduling. Maximum customer satisfaction.<h1>Safety first</h1>Improved energy efficiency. Increased passenger safety.<h1>Striving for savings</h1>Optimized plans and processes. Efficient logistics.<h1>More efficiency in product tests</h1>Optimized experimentation. Saves time and money.<h1>Successful product formulations</h1>Optimized product properties. With fewer experiments.<h1>Confidence about taste</h1>Optimized formulation and sensory profile. For your customers.

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Get to know us: We are a team of software engineers, scientists, and project managers, who develop data mining and optimization solutions for industry.

Our core competencies are in nonlinear data analysis and global optimization. These technologies are used by our customers to optimize products and processes. Our references include more than 100 projects from industrial areas such as automotive, consumer goods, chemistry, oil & gas, among others. For more than 12 years now we have been working for companies in Northern America, Germany, Europe, and Australia.

Your benefits at a glance

  • professional analysis of all relevant data from processes, experiments and simulations
  • discovery and exploitation of optimization potentials – for saving time and money in production and logistics  
  • products with optimized properties – ranging from food and cosmetics to vehicles 

Benefit from our extensive competence. Get in touch with us obtain more information concerning customized solutions in data mining and optimization for your needs. Including a complete solution integration into your IT environment, as required.

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divis contributes to the development of networked systems

What our customers say about divis


 „We are still implementing and evaluating our new model, but clearly we can now predict micro results for new formulations using known components at this time.  We will ...

Dr. Hauser, Johnson & Johnson GmbH


 " As the leading expert in the application of evolutionary strategies and meta-models to hard industrial optimization problems, Prof. Bäck has always delivered highest q...

Mr. Ganser, BMW


"Our past experience limited our trials to include only familiar ingredients, and the lengthy process of attempting each combination had led us to declare the desired product ...

Dr. Hillemann, Beiersdorf


" Besides researching and developing the most suitable individual software components, successful multi-disciplinary optimization in an industrial context requires a system le...

Prof. Sendhoff, Honda


"Guaranteeing highest quality standards of Ford vehicles requires a continuous evaluation of quality data from a variety of data sources. With divis GmbH, we have access to a ...

Thomas Hochkirchen, PhD, Ford

Case studies

Case studies give you an inspiration for possible optimization solutions in your own company.

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